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Recording is a distinct art form that goes beyond merely capturing sound. To bring music to life, the engineer must skillfully manage not only the balance among musicians but also between elements like the orchestra and soloists. The use of quality microphones, strategically positioned, ensures the nuanced utilization of tonal shades, sonic images, and the sense of space.

Our mobile recording studio allows for recording in almost any location, enabling us to seek out venues that complement specific musical styles. This flexibility also allows us to consider practical aspects, such as the convenience for musicians, optimal performance spaces, and the best technical setups for each recording scenario. If you need guidance, feel free to ask, and we'll assist you in selecting the venue that suits your needs best!


In a recording session, the presence of an artistic producer proves invaluable. Musicians can focus on playing, the engineer on recording, while the producer, with an outsider's ear, can discern the nuances captured by the microphones. Listening through headphones often reveals musical subtleties that might be missed in the live setting. Should you require assistance, we can aid in finding and selecting an artistic producer.

Equipment-wise, our primary arsenal consists of a diverse selection of top-tier Schoeps microphones. Additionally, we boast microphones from other leading brands like Neumann, DPA and Sennheiser. For a more detailed look at our equipment list, you can explore it here.

In the following, you can delve deeper into the making of the album. In the Sulasol magazine issue 1/2024, Pro Audile rohkaisee levyn tekemiseen - äänitysprojekti nostaa kuoron tasoa is about encouraging choirs to album production and how the recording project elevates the choir's level. In the Riffi magazine article Aamukahvilla Pro Audilella - oma ääniauto on iso etu benefits of having an outside broadcasting car are discussed which also brings a lot of joy to recordings.

If the topic interests you even more, you can refer to the Church Music Magazine's article on recording in issue 3/2021 (Iloinen ilme kuuluu levyllä) and Rondo Magazine's discussion on the demand for streaming in orchestras in issue 1/2021 (Striimauksille kysyntää orkestereissa), both touching on aspects of the recording process (please note that both are behind a paywall and are written in Finnish).


Sound reinforcement

In our company, sound reinforcement typically involves amplifying the voices of performers such as musicians, singers, or speakers. However, it extends beyond to include playing movie soundtracks, game music or even managing DJ duties.

Amplifying an acoustic instrument is more challenging than an electric one. When aiming to make a beautiful acoustic instrument sound as fantastic when amplified, challenges arise. In such cases, the microphone must be capable of capturing tonal colors naturally, and its placement in relation to the sound source should be correct both in terms of distance and position. The microphone should not interfere with the musician's work but rather support it.


To ensure that amplified music aligns with the musicians' and, if applicable, the conductor's vision of balances, sounds, and tones, it is crucial that the sound engineer knows and understands the genre and possesses equipment suitable for that music. The choice of performance space significantly influences the overall auditory experience. At this point, it's essential to pause and consider whether the venue supports the desired outcome.


We handle sound reinforcement for various ensembles, ranging from individual speakers to concerts featuring large symphony orchestras with choirs and soloists. The nature of events varies from programmed performances to background music. Thus, our field of expertise is extensive, and if needed, we can also implement multichannel sound reinforcement.



Livestreaming, or real-time streaming, has rapidly become a popular choice for classical and acoustic music within a short span. Well-promoted streaming serves as an excellent avenue to engage existing loyal audiences and attract new listeners, particularly when concerts are no longer bound to a specific geographical location.  Streaming proves to be a more cost-effective option compared to traditional video recording, capturing the live atmosphere seamlessly.

In our standard streaming setup, a minimum of two individuals is involved in the process. One oversees sound and video cuts, while the other focuses on creating engaging visuals. Larger productions involve a music reader providing real-time cues for upcoming musical events.

For added engagement, pre-recorded video content can be seamlessly integrated into the stream. This can include greetings, interviews, or individual musical pieces strategically placed to offer a refreshing break for viewers during longer concerts.

Our audio equipment boasts exceptional quality and variety. While most of our microphones are from Schoeps, we also feature microphones from other leading brands such as Neumann, DPA, and Sennheiser. Our video equipment is versatile, suitable for both intimate and large-scale productions. Our inventory includes eight high-quality robotic cameras, two fixed cameras, and a drone capable of recording in 5K. If interested, you can delve deeper into our equipment details here.

In addition to top-notch audio and video equipment, we offer basic lighting solutions for smaller ensembles, and when required, we can arrange professional lighting setups for more extensive events.

For further insights into video recordings and streaming, you can explore articles in publications like Sulasol 2/2021 Konserttistriimausten kulta-aika (in Finnish).


Video Recordings

During the internet's golden age, music videos and recordings have seen a remarkable increase in popularity. A video recording can be almost anything, from a small introductory insert or musical greeting to a full concert or even a lecture series. These recordings offer a platform for more diverse and elaborate visual storytelling in streaming, providing more time for creative experimentation both in terms of sound and visuals.

Our audio setup boasts top-notch quality and comprehensiveness. While most of our microphones are from Schoeps, our equipment also features microphones from other leading brands like Neumann, DPA, and Sennheiser. Our video gear is highly adaptable, catering to both small and large-scale productions. With eight high-quality robotic cameras, two fixed cameras, and a 5K-capable drone, you can delve into the specifics of our equipment here if you're interested.

In addition to our audio and video arsenal, we offer basic lighting equipment suitable for smaller ensembles, and if necessary, we can organize lighting setups for more extensive events.

For more insights into video recordings and streaming, you can explore articles in publications like Sulasol 2/2021 Konserttistriimausten kulta-aika (in Finnish).

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